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Cuban cigars in our online store have an unshakeable feel of luxury and are some of the most popular and often considered the best cigars in the world. All cigar production in Cuba is controlled by the state-owned Cubatabaco or Tabacuba. This means that any Cuban cigars for sale must meet strict product guidelines making them the gold standard of cigars. Millions of cigars are hand-rolled in Cuba every year by skilled Torcedores and undergo countless checks before arriving to the UK and into your hands.

What Are The Best Cuban Cigars?

Also referred to as El Habano or ‘habanos cigars’, Cuban cigars contain only the finest tobacco leaves grown in Cuba. Brands such as Cohiba and Bolivar cigars remain time-honoured favourites alongside Montecristo No 4 cigars. Cohiba and Montecristo cigars offer a medium-strength smoke whilst Bolivar offers a more full-bodied experience. Each has an unmistakable aroma that only comes from the very highest-quality tobacco, aged perfectly. Cigar Nights are specialist suppliers of Cuban cigars in the UK and stock a number of top brands with tubed habanos, singles and large boxed sets available from our online Cuban cigar shop.

Whether you are looking for the best Cuban cigars for beginners or have a favourite brand of Cuba cigar, shop our wide collection online now. Alternatively, talk to our team to find your perfect fit or attend one of our events.

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