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Romeo y Julieta cigars take their name from William Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers and were a favourite of Winston Churchill following his visit to Havana in 1946. Churchill also lends his name to the most famous size of Romeo y Julieta Churchills. The brand itself is steeped in history and was founded in 1875. It has won countless awards at tasting exhibitions and world-renown for its high quality.

As leading UK cigar specialists, we stock a range of this old favourite including Romeo y Julieta cigars no 3 and short Churchill Tubed cigars from the brand, here in our online cigar shop. This popular brand offers something for all types of smokers. Beginners and cigar aficionados alike enjoy its medium strength, combining a slightly bitter taste with some sweetness. The number of shapes and sizes available of this Habano have ensured its longevity and popularity.

Cigar Nights stock a wide selection of Romeo y Julieta cigars, sometimes incorrectly referred to as Romeo and Juliet cigars, as part of our range of premium Cuban cigars. We stock single tubed cigars in addition to boxes of 10. We also stock a number of cigar accessories from official UK distributors for those buying as a gift or looking for additional accompaniments to their purchase.

Buy short Churchill cigars online now by shopping the collection below or contact Cigar Nights for advice on the best type of Romeo y Julieta cigars for your tastes. Alternatively, if you are a cigar beginner, why not join one of our events to learn more about the Romeo y Julieta cigars in our shops?

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