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Whilst they are not as steeped in tradition as their Cuban counterparts, New World cigars are no less prestigious or popular and are increasingly sought after. From Trinidad cigars to Panama cigars and Nicaraguan cigars, there is a richness in the diversity available from New World cigars. Cigar Nights stocks an extensive range of New World cigars as part of our online store here in the UK.

What Are The Best New World Cigars in our Shop?

From the renowned flavours of Montecristo cigars to the legendary quality of Ghurka cigars, New World cigars offer something for every palate. Drew Estate cigars offer a distinctive blend ranging from mild to bold within their collection whilst Oliva Robusto supplies rich coffee and dark chocolate undertones with a well-balanced spice making it a firm New World cigar favourite. 

Whether you are looking for the best New World cigars for beginners or have a favourite brand of New World cigar, shop our wide collection online now. Alternatively, talk to our team to find your perfect fit or attend one of our events

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